Book Your Ticket

Step 1:      Click on BUY TICKETS tab
​Step 2:      Select your movie
​Step 3:      Click add to cart
Please read the movie information including the date and time of your chosen film. Once you have made your purchase tickets can not be swapped or refunded.

Confirm Your Booking

Step 1:      Select View Cart
Step 2:       Complete your purchase
Step 3:       Wait for confirmation email

For multiple purchase click on the view cart once to you have finished shopping.You will receive an E-Ticket from The Drive in Movies Company.  Please keep your e-ticket safe and bring along with you to event to show the check-in staff.  Please enter an email address you have access to when booking your tickets.

Receive Email

Keep you email safe ready to show the check-in staff at the event.
We reccomend you print the email off incase you can not access it at the event.
​We keep records of all purchases and may ask for proof of transaction id from paypal or digits form your card if payment was made by debit or credit card.

Check In & Tune In

Step 1:    Arrive at least 30 mins before your chosen movie starts.
Step 2:    Show your ticket to the Check-in staff. The check in staff will give you the radio station frequency to tune in to.
Step 3:     Stewards will direct you to your parking space.

Get Your Food

Now its time to stock up on those movie snacks. Drive in Movies Company have catering stands including – Hot Dogs – New York Burgers – Chips – Nachos – Pop Corn – Candy Floss – Sweets and a licenced bar.

Please note: Food and drinks from outside the event are not to be consumed at the event.

Enjoy the Experience

Drive in Movies Company want all our customers to enjoy this special experience -If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Discounts are offered on Group bookings of 10 tickets plus. Group bookings can be made by contacting Emma on 07815 804888

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